6. the chemical universe


In the chemical reference frame we tend to forget that chemistry is controlled by light. We want to adopt a view of reality where even particles are not considered. Everything is in elemental units. Oxygen is a unit; not a construct of 16 Hydrogen units.


The chemical reference frame is an example of how we can produce an extremely useful tool by selectively ignoring a lot of information. Doing so puts you in a position that allows you to deal with a very complex subset of rules. Sooner or later, however, further great advances will require that the doors to adjoining sciences be swung open.


Molecular Directives


There are some very simple, obvious truths, that I think most of us rarely, or never appreciate. Atoms built the skyscrapers! They teamed up to produce such spectacular results. We like to feel that people did it; which is true to the extent that we label particular atomic assemblages as "people." But you canít deny that itís all done with atoms! This recognition does not require advanced chemical knowledge ó in fact, it may come more easily to one with less complex insight.

In order for atoms to do such things, they must communicate. We use terms such as "bonding," "affinity," "reaction," and "coupling" to describe the associations, interactions and variabilities of atomic processes, which extend the detail and shading of an all-encompassing statement that they communicate. They really do communicate, and do so in a seemingly random manner, but within extremely strict guidelines.

This reference frame of reality must recognize the electromagnetic component within its reality. The electromagnetic reference frame, however, can choose to ignore atomics, in object physics, and recognize itself as the sole component of the point.

The past and future history of the Earth is a complex chemical reaction, involving the development of many molecular directives, innately communicable among atoms. The Universe is the complete chemical reaction. The communication of atoms over all time is the full chemical reference frame. From this view, the Universe, like DNA/RNA, is an active molecule.


DNA itself is the heart of the main "channel" through which atomic communication is developing. Any atom has the inherent capacity to be involved in the same sort of communications, as go on in the cell, if they become involved in that environment. The development of that environment is getting a larger and larger net number of atoms involved in the overall system of communication.


Natural Memory


In the chemical reference frame, Natural Memory goes within a broad particle view, that the Universe remembers to be, or act as, all of its particles; from one moment to the next, in their complete, active pattern. From the Chemical view, We hone-in on the relationships of particles, the rules for those relationships; and the way relationships change to be the process of reality. No one can say our rule tree is simple.

The chemical frame must recognize that it is composed of the "lower" frames; but, as is always the case, the lower frames could say that they induce the upper ones with their rules. There really isnít any boundary or segmentation going on here ó these reference frames are mental categorizations of the behavior of fully dimensional mathematics.

In a most simple or fundamental way, Natural Memory is demonstrated by such things as the high degree of repeatability with which water molecules will align themselves at freezing temperature. Even more basic, is the formation of molecules. Getting a little less basic, the actions of chemical interaction have a predictability that stands as the element of memory in these processes. The Universe remembers how to behave.


The point of this discussion is to show that the origin of mental memory is not foreign, or fragmented away from physical reality. Its roots are fundamentally based in the structure of active reality. Memory is a given of a structured system of active rules. It is inherent to the dimensionality of reality. Like time, it is an aspect of each dimension; though it has become most prominent to us in its role as the basis for patterning and organization. It is associated with reality "like" time because, fundamentally it is the repetition of time. In other words; it is the repetitive qualities brought to our reality by time.


Toward Viruses


As the view of Natural Memory is allowed to become more complex, we consider molecular activity that is the precursor to our biological foundation. Here, Natural Memory begins to show up as an aspect of process that is similar to logical memory function in computer programming. The parallel is abstract in the sense that the world chemical environment is essentially open to interaction in an apparently random order; while the programming environment is relatively highly ordered. The aspect that runs parallel is the tooling function that naturally presides in the soup. The system produces duplicates. It takes a very long time for the system to get to this point, but once its there, the relative speed with which progress can ensue, is boosted by virtue of this new higher plane on which it acts.


In a way though, this higher plane is not so new or different. Hydrogen is a bunch of duplicates. This is not to say that higher levels of development should be taken for granted. It is to point out that the lower planes arenít really lower. All planes are important. All planes are essential components of the active meaning structure that is reality.