1. you


You are different than everyone else. This appears to be true even if you are an identical quadruplet. Your brain has developed in context with the unique flow of perspective reality that has carried your life, and your interactions. While we are all individuals, we also have similarities in common with each other. This is partly due to common cultural influences shared within, and between, groups of us. It is due, more fundamentally, to the common features of our genetic make-up. Both factors function within the flow of reality. We influence each other, impressing and arousing notions, feelings, and useful techniques in each other. What makes our individuality is the detailed, complete, current state of our differing sets of constantly expanding memories, and some subtle differences in the personal systems we are, that collect those memories. These differences, and the memories themselves, interact with various degrees of uniqueness, producing specific behavior and interests, which promulgate the continuance of your memory expansion, along the lines of your uniqueness. Most fundamentally, all of this process is dependent upon its unique physical location, with respect to all other locations, and the continuing stream of influence of specific environmental factors, over time. These influences are being attended to, or ignored by, your ongoing prioritized drives. Those drives have been built by, and ordered by, all of the above factors, in a complex chain of personal-environmental interactions.

Our individuality is a product of memory ó of two basic types, or levels, of memory ó genetic, and mental. Genetic memory is natural chemical memory that holds the recipe for your development and maintenance. It also holds a degree of opportunity for variation... a degree that has allowed survival of many basic traits over many generations; and allowed survival of that degree of opportunity for variation. Genetic memory has developed in response to environmental physical factors. These factors included a variety of other genetic progressions. Most basically they included such factors as gravity, temperature variations, etc.

With time, the factors of genetic variation produced the basis of mental memory, and went on to support social interaction; in animals, then in humanity. The specific genetic memory you have inherited has acted as a somewhat unique guidance system for the collection of specific mental memories you have acquired. So has other factors of influence guided that collection; such as your immediate family, and your closest friends; as well as TV, music, etc.; and day and night, for that matter. As you gained awareness, and began to "think for yourself," what happened was, your memory collection began to guide its own selection of influences and interests, based on the unique character of the interaction of its collected elements, subject to the unique mix of influences we refer to as emotion, that develop basically out of genetic memory, but in context with, and partially reversely subject to, that development of the mental memory. Your soul was born when you began to choose.

All of the factors of development bear upon each other, to various degrees, flowing as an active, unique system, interacting with other unique systems, in an overall system, governed by the common physical laws of reality. Even identical twins have a great deal of uniqueness, between each other, when it comes to their personal intelligence-collecting systems; for their physical structures are largely dependent upon specific information, and the order it is presented in; as that information builds the specifically associated connections of each system.

Your memories are collected by association, and they are recalled by association. In the beginning, when there isnít anything to associate it to, or from, your memory is forming the basis for fundamental sensory perception. You learn to feel, hear, see, etc., as differences and similarities presented by a huge multitude of details in these media, are detected and associated by virtue of their relative timing/mapping, within fractions of a second. As this learning is established, it becomes a basis for higher levels of learning, over longer and longer periods of time; where familiar objects and other familiar sensory experiences become associated with each other, with their environments, and with the flows of emotional survival status of the moments, issued by autonomic reactions to such things as hunger, diaper condition, and relief.

Every moment of your awareness is a simultaneous process of "recording" and "playing" memory, in context with its prior self, and in context to environmental cues. Both contexts are set by association. Your perception is the identification of stimulus, as it finds elements of similar memory, and reinforces them; with more or less association to other concurrent stimuli; from internally associative memory, or environment-aroused associative memory. Your perceptions, as well as your recollections, are memories. The same mechanism stores information, as it retrieves it. The same mechanism is associative. It stores and recalls by association. It does this with reflexive speed, as well as through long, complex consideration, riding on a vast flow of reflexive associated elements that are basic to perception, as well as to the routines used in understanding and creativity. You originate concepts and useful methods by using methods of association youíve picked up throughout your life. You use them in context to various problems, or attractions. Those facts of life develop, and drive, your motivations. Their unique perspective combinations create your originality.

This may all seem to be true, or even be old hat to you by now, depending on your background. You get a picture like this by studying a combination of subjects; including ones such as physics, chemistry, biology, neuro-physiology, neuro-anatomy, psychology, and neural net computer science; but mostly from studying people, and their interactions over time. You can realize that each of us is a system; and that awareness is achieved by the functioning of that system. Periodically, the functioning is different, as in times of sleeping; and we know, from what we didnít know when awoken from those times, that awareness is a different thing during dreams, and it is nulled out altogether during deep sleep. If you are a sound sleeper, and someone asks you a question, you donít know the answer. You donít know anything ó youíre not there. Your soul does not actively exist. Living biology is not always conscious. Your functioning changes regularly, producing intermittent awareness. If the question wakes you up, your soul comes to life again, as your system becomes capable of accessing pertinent memory.

What is the soul of a baby? We tend not to blame a baby for too much ó in fact, we get appalled if a baby is punished. A baby hasnít learned social norms yet. When we blame, we are attacking a memory set; particularly its priorities. We want to modify that memory set, so as to reduce risks of repeat problematical behavior. To be successful in this, we must remember that memory is not erased. We must find effective ways to augment memory.

We take a part in creating each otherís souls, by supplying ideas and information to each other. None of us would accept a given building block in exactly the same way. It will only "stick" to a given soul, if that soul can already relate key elements. Augmentation takes place by association. Specific individuals will require that specific groundwork be laid in, in association with existing experiential knowledge, before the goals of specific augmentation can be achieved.

While this may seem to be a reasonable approximation of the truth, there is more to reality than this. There are many other things we can study to promote an understanding of "You." There is one thing in particular, however, that is a primary focus here. It is something that would seem to be easy to ignore, because, on the face of it, it is simply too absurd to deal with rationally. Itís easy to ignore, that is, unless you happen to be me. As me, I have met with little success in ignoring it, now and then, only to find myself caught up in it, again and again. There is a fantastic curve ball waiting around the corner here. It gets dished-up by reality, if your curiosity about the true nature of reality is strong enough to endure the apparent absurdity, and fully face the data. The data can serve as the source of some strange ideas. For me, it happened to serve as support for some other strange ideas I already had. These ideas can combine with some more accepted notions to suggest components of definition for the very fabric of reality. If you can gather these ideas up, patiently, holding them tentatively, until you get enough of them together, they may begin to support each other, in your mind, as a feasible possibility... as a crude, initial thought system that may someday become an explanation of reality, by reality, for reality.

The data is that from the field of psychology, specifically with regard to split-brain neuro-surgery. Human medical patients, as well as higher animals, have been involved in split brain research. Before we can begin to appreciate the split-brain paradox, in a way that leads to a tentative resolution, we needed to develop this tentative model of consciousness.


Fundamental Consciousness


Consciousness is a process that takes place in your brain. The process is supported by the organized structure of your nervous system. The process is developmental. The development is supported by the brain; however, the development is composed of information from the environment. The inherent relationships in the environment build a belief set in your brain. This process is the growth of your mind. The perceived truths of the world are allowed entry to, and participation with, your mind, by your nervous system, in a process of association.

The factors that determine the association of elements are inherent in the oncoming data stream. However, the process of associative filing of that data is also subject to various particulars of circumstances that were contained in the prior process of data handling. As a result, no two people are very likely to think exactly alike, or have the exact same set of interests and priorities.

There are differences in brain structure at various levels of detail. More important, there are differences in a complex set of sensitivities that support emotional response. The particular condition of this sub-system, at any given moment, will more or less arrange the priority level of elements, so as to affect the arrangement of associations in more or less subtle ways. The individual differences in emotional response are partially a result of genetic differences; but are also more or less affected by the particular combination and order of events in oneís life. All of these factors are involved, and they all affect each other.

Consciousness is not "received" by a little man in your head. The process does not focus to a single spot or area. The process pulls various aspects out of the more common areas, and takes various differences off to various separate locations. It also associates most, or all, of these areas with each other. It is a huge multiplicity of nearly simultaneous, related, sub-processes. While specific functions, such as speech, or vision, or long-term memory/prioritization, are highly dependent on specialized areas of the brain, basic self-knowledge and reactive decision-making capability are distributed throughout the brain. Any smaller or larger part of the brain could be removed, without removing You. The more removed, the less aware you become. While the brain continues to function consciously, it is still You who are aware... aware of whatever memory is most associable to the ongoing contexts of interactive experience. We know this from case studies of people who have lost brain areas by disease or accident.

If there is a little someone in your head who receives the process to be aware, that someone is the connection of the process with the Universe. This connection might directly involve the physics of the brain, as it supports the thought process. However, it is a primary goal of this book to demonstrate that the physics may be dimensional in such a way that the connection comes about as the meaning of the process being part of the meaning of reality. Meaning is a level of dimensionality. All of the dimensions are levels of process.


The Split Brain Paradox


You exist as all parts of your conscious brain function. This creates an unusual opportunity. You can split your brain in half, and become two Yous. This operation has been performed numerous times, to alleviate the severity of epileptic seizures; by reducing the pathways available for the spread of "run-away" nervous activity.


Carefully performed experiments have shown that these people are capable of dual experience, which leads to dual decision making and contradictory response. To get these results, elaborate methods are employed to keep one brain half from learning the same thing as the other half. Different information is presented to each half.

Under everyday conditions, both halves receive virtually the same outlook on the world. Life proceeds as though nothing is different about perception. The knowledge base and reactive inclinations of each half share a common history. There are seldom, if ever, any conflicting responses, beyond those that comprise the typical human experience.


How can you become two Yous? How can each of these yous continue to experience being you, while coming to different conclusions about reality? How can "they" be having individual thoughts, while each one goes on believing that they are the same You who has been there all along? And, given this most unusual set of circumstances, does it not follow that You could also be everyone else as well? What mechanism could make such things possible?

Time. Perhaps time is not so simple a thing as we take for granted. Maybe things arenít really all happening at the "same" time, the way they seem to be. There could be a different time for every location, and a different set of times for every system. To think about reality this way is to complicate it tremendously. But then, isnít reality quite a complicated thing anyway?

Imagine your own mind in a divided state... go so far as to picture half your head transplanted to a body donor, or just being kept alive for seconds with equipment, if that will help you with this mental exercise. You may find this difficult to think about; you may want to avoid the issue by citing all sorts of medical impossibilities. I promise you, the biological facts support the adventure. So go ahead and imagine it ó you become two yous who no longer know what the other is thinking; who no longer see from the same viewpoint; who hear different things, etc. Each you is a you; but your yous are having different experiences. They have their own expanding memories now, and they begin to make variant choices. They could reminisce about the connected times with uncanny parallelism of the details. Or, you could have been split at the age of four, having little to remember as one. They would still both be you.

We have been operating under an assumption that may be false... that we are only individuality that is infinitely absolute, and totally non-transferable between us. This is not prudent science! We donít know the same things, and we donít think all the same thoughts; and we donít make all the same choices; but even though it seems like we are all happening at the same time, as we live here together, time may actually be more complex than that, at the level of conscious time. Relativity suggests that there is a different time for every point in space, just as every point in space is a different place, relative to the others. We have proven this by observing numerous examples of timeís dependence on relative motion. Time is not a single thing. It can run differently in different places, if those places are not together in their overt actions of relative location. Even when things are basically staying together, like most of the stuff on Earth, they may arise continuously to exist as individual sources of time, contributing to general time. You may be different time than I am, where I know what you know as your knowing... as the very knowing that you are experiencing right now... you and I may have different right-nows, that interact in complex time.


It simply is not valid to assume that the physical splitting of consciousness, by way of splitting the brain, would yield one half that continues to be the original person, and a "new" half, or a dead half, or telepathically connected halves. Maybe You get two Yous! Really! You might! It is just as valid to assume that you get two yous; and you get this no matter how you slice it, so long as you slice from the top down, and maintain life support. You could slice twice and make four yous. You can go further, and each one will be a dimmer, less resolved you.


We have reason to consider, then, that we are all each other! Are we all each other?! Could this be true in a "way" we haven't been considering? This may seem impossible for a while; perhaps a very long while; if youíve just begun to consider brain function as consciousness, and then gone on to consider split brain function. Even if you have spent much time this way, you may not have pondered equality of our innermost identity. Some of the fundamental problems of physics, and a simple approach to infinity, have brought this question into focus here. Once you allow yourself to consider this, you may be surprised at the abundance and variety of available clues that can lend support to the notion.

How can you be various different lives that take place at the same time? óIt only seems like the same time. Modern quantum theory has suggested that one might travel back in time to visit his younger self. The ideas presented here would see this restricted to a specific modality... we are all doing it already, and this may really be the only way it can be done. Different people are different yous, "from" different eternities... living in different eternities... defined by the structure of their mentality, and the underlying structure of times as physical dimensionality. The structure of time is complex. There is one atom ó the Universe ó traveling around in time. Thatís why atomic features, like charge, are so identical. They are the same system at different times.


If you are concerned that this may be frightening to people, then you arenít seeing the nature of nature being suggested. Thereís relatively little to be afraid of, because most everyone wants to be themselves. Fear will only arise if you forget to forget ó if you forget how absurd it is not to forget about the various negative elements required by your source. Much of this trouble will be eliminated when we recognize the simple straight forward opportunity to choose cooperative enjoyment instead.


Your other yous donít know your life the way you do. Your life is that knowing. When you think about being other people, you automatically want to drag your own memories and priorities into their world; where they would almost always find conflict with what you can see is going on there already. Itís just whatís going on there already, that you be, in that time. What you are now is one of many unique vantage points upon your other vantage points.


We are all individuals. While this is true, the split-brain paradox points out a simultaneous truth, that at first might seem quite contradictory. With sufficient hypothesizing, the conflict can be tentatively resolved into a system of times.


To consider the split brain data, is to consider reality in a new way. I do not experience your thoughts because my memory is not connected to yours. My memory serves to connect myself to me, by relating my memory to its changing self, over time. Memory is a reference frame that gives temporal patterns relative meaning, by association. If my memory were connected to yours, and time was allowed for association to develop between the two bases; a single base would be defined. This definition would bring the fine constituent of times together as a set, from the point of view of the consciousness it would induce. I would know you as I know myself. I would realize I am You. The gap in time, between our eternities, would be bridged by the common access to meaning-inducing memory.

Time produces your memory, and your memory is a basis for the process of your perception. There can be different levels of reality at work here. The process of time can be independent from the process of perception, in the sense that the perceptive process can be one of many produced by time. Our memory sets can produce our perceptions of one common time for many different people, while there are really many different sets of times for one You.

This brings us a bit closer to that primary goal; to demonstrate that the latter case may be a consequence of the physical dimensionality of reality.


The Universe


The Universe is a system. The system is composed of sub-systems. The concept of substance in this would be misleading. That concept arises from competition for possession. The qualities of objects that produce the impression of substance, are qualities of interaction inherent to the systems involved. To acquire something is to modify your position of capability to interact. Competition itself is interaction. The object is also interaction ó it is a collection of interacting systems, that interact with, and as, the functioning of the Universe. The concept of substance attempts to attribute a timelessness to objects. This, in turn, places the objects under the influence of an all-pervasive single time. The hypothesis of Object Physics will describe reality as a system composed of systems ó all of which is completely and thoroughly composed of times.


Conscious time and common time are different aspects of an overall complex time. This will be considered as levels of dimensionality, defined by photonic timing delays. Complex time is portioned into semi-independent, interacting systems that fundamentally appear in the form of Hydrogen. Time moves much more quickly within the atom... possibly by a factor such as c2, relative to ÷c at our level of bang expansion process. The proportion of rates would be relativistically linked to the relative "sizes" of real process. Thus, a scheme is set whereby definition is considered for all levels of size and time. Infinity is a distribution of endless resolution within the interactions of reality, as well as an endless expanse of inferred process.

In some aspect, the inferred levels of our scheme are separated by a factor on the order of ten to the eightieth power (the observed number of particles in the big bang at the time of writing ó subject to change, no doubt). Among other factors, a bang could be a very minor component of each hydrogen cycle. In any case, You are each lifetime, in its time, at its rate and size, relative to all the others; knowing only itself as its times of awareness; as developing memory, based on its collection of contextual memories.

Each cycle of each Hydrogen set of reality complements can be considered as an ultimate reference frame, that would say itís the whole Universe, composed of all such sets. Like us, each one is each other; for a different view of the overall structure of time. Each cycle of H is different, and exists in context with a differing case of overall reality. There are an infinite number of such frames, and each one is remembered ó repeated ó an infinite number of times, on infinite cycles. This happens because reality is active mathematics. Like consciousness, it is logical interaction. Therefore, it produces all possible consciousness ó of You. This is not as frightening a prospect as you might think ó the general trend is an association of increasing consciousness with developing order. Evolution produces that ultimate Hydrogen reference frame; again, and again, and again... each time, we use our "errors" to make everything turn out real good for ourself.


These ideas are framed in terms of memory. Reality is time that creates, and maintains, memory. Reality proceeds on the basis of the memory it is composed of. The source of process is prior process that conveys further process, on the basis of the physical laws defined, and maintained, by that process. We call this atoms and molecules of ongoing atomic interaction, or reactions.

This theme could be thought of as unlimited reincarnation. We donít come back as a few famous people. There is only You, as everyone. It isnít that we come back to live each otherís lives in the sense that we each are different inner selves who could only "try out" the sets of circumstances that alternately belong to various "other peopleís" lives ó overall reality is one life, and we are different parts of this life. In this, we are each other. Sooner and later, you come back to be everyone. We all are you. You have all of these various modes of individuality. Your sense of being is always relative to your intimately connected memory. Time is not limited to the production of a single such memory. Overall time is the memory of all such contextual perspectives... of all time of you. Time is the connections within and between this... the behavior we call "light." We will consider the possibility that time is a more complicated thing than weíve been thinking it was. It has a singularity, like we want it to ó like we think it does ó but that singularity is composed of an infinite multiplicity.

We are not generally accustomed to this sort of thinking... we donít raise ourselves to think this way, or to have the way of life this attitude could foster. So, the idea of it probably seems quite ridiculous; and as such, a partial view of it could serve to conjure up association with familiar asbsurdities. It isnít to say that I can control your actions, the way I control mine, for example. I canít do that any more than I could now do that to my own actions of yesterday or ten years ago. Nor can I now control my future actions. I can only develop plans ó I donít know what contingencies will arise around, or in the way of, my intentions. The process of reality has shaped my plans. It is I who did the shaping, since I am the process of reality; though parts of me donít know what-all Iím doing. What I will decide to do has always been a part of eternity. It all fits together perfectly, even though I donít always like it. Pain is some of the learning that produces all of your joy.

The present effort includes a discussion of science, more than it contributes any specifically useful details. Chapter 11 is an attempt at computer science, as a means of formulating much of the conjecture into a working system. Scientific analysis of reality is our effort to determine the nature of the math, in its intricacies, as it relates within and between systems. The systems are functional systems because they are rules of math. They donít follow the rules; they are the recurring rules of Universal memory that construct actively relative geometrics. We are rewarded for uncovering this truth, in terms of advancement of our mathematical behavior. Reality is this sort of logic progression. In verbal terms, the overall action of humanity is the same sort of progression. In terms of survival modes, the whole of life is likewise such a progression in chemistry. The chemistry is the active embodiment of dimensional mathematics.

The present focus is on gaining a sense of overall understanding. The value of this may lie in its contribution to the condition of humanity, by way of affecting our formulation of meaningful basic motivations.

Your past and future includes eternity. To simplify our analysis of reality, we view time as a single, finite dimension, that began with the big bang. There is no reason to assume that no other process preceded that apparent node of time. If, instead, we open up time, we obtain the opportunity to visualize frameworks for reality, that support all of the fundamental, and complex, aspects of process. A stretch of time can be seen as being composed of smaller pieces of time. Overall time can be seen as a thing that has more pieces than the one that started with our big bang. Any piece of time can be regarded as an eternity, relative to its innermost constituents, if we view consciousness as a product of such a basis.

Eternity is infinite time. It is an understatement to say thatís a lot of time. Your eternity is, in one respect, a complex thing; yet, in another respect, it is a simple, single thing. There are an infinite number of viewpoints from eternity. Each view is a different thing; yet each view is of the same thing. Each view is produced by the same total eternity, from a different offset of time within that eternity.

Picture yourself in the past, by drawing upon a memory. You were that person, but now you are not. That person was the process of interaction with the process that was the Universe then. Now you are the current process. The process is always changing. The process is always you. When you die, a process of your self ends; and you no longer know that way. You totally forget. Every being that is born, develops other knowing, as a process that is other time where you interact among other times of yours. Such beginnings are the very thing the Universe did when you were born. The ingredients are atoms of time that pattern meaning with each other, producing your awareness for that overall time. In the course of our lives, we trade atoms, through the environment, in and out of each otherís physical structure. Information is information. We all get some that is essentially identical for many of us. The difference between you and me is "when" we get it. Our individuality is differences in the variety of specific components of such info, and its sequential order. These factors act to inhibit or facilitate subsequent component info. Sooner and later, time gets to where you develop each of these bases of inclination. The memory of the Universe is the interaction within, and between, these systems.

Your ability to experience reality, and to make decisions, is based in your memory. Your memory is the tools you rely on for these functions. You take these tools for granted; youíre used to them; they are the routines for handling routines, that have brought you to your current condition of success. Your sense of identity is based in your memory. The composition of your memory is constantly expanding; yet it regularly serves to continue its function of your being. The series of memories, that is your life, has a finite quality, relative to the Universe. There are other memory set developments produced by the Universe. The ones that attain consciousness become unique viewpoints of yours. These individual memory sets can affect each other over time, but not the same way that they affect themselves over time. The difference defines separate versions of yourself in complex time.


The discussion of time belongs to the heading of Dimensionality. For starters; to try to make some sense of all this; think of time as making very big circles that come around to be "by" itself. You come and go as this kind of time goes on.


Chances are good that this is all striking you as a bunch of very strange ideas, that donít readily fit into your belief set. To begin a process of making them understandable, and maybe even sensible, it should help to review, and to re-phrase things a little, as we add a little more. The reality of our split-brain data logically leads us to some unusual questions. How can you become two yous, who can be deprived of knowing what the "other" is thinking anymore? Doesnít this mean we could possibly somehow all be each other?

The "thing" that may operate to produce this result is infinity: infinity of time, over time; as infinite times. Quantum physics suggests that one might travel back in time, to his own past. To resolve the obvious logical conflict, we invent the idea of branching ó a new reality is forged, leaving the original one there as a source for the time travel. Maybe you canít really do that. Maybe instead, or in addition, we all do it a little differently; as we are all visiting our other selves already. Our family tree has branches that are real, and viewable, as ongoing process of reality. Perhaps the logical conflict is dissolved by a requirement that eternity must pass before you can go anywhere... before you are born. Your choices always lead to your choices, without contaminating their own sources. When you go back, your choices are protected by the isolation factor of eternity, and birth.

Maybe the parallel Universes arenít invisible to each other. Instead, each of us is a parallel Universe... a construct of identical, but individual, sets of dimensions of times in Universal memory. In fact, maybe this happens to each atom; whether itís involved in the process of a human-type being or not. Maybe each perfectly matching atomic unit, of perfectly balancing charge, is a time traveling version of the whole Universe. There might be something here that could lead to an explanation for the very fundamental questions of precise identities of particle qualities. Maybe the fundamental properties of mass and charge are relative characteristics of differing possible relative "directions" of time travel for the whole Universe, obeying and creating physical law, jumping from one eternity to another. Amongst all thatís said and done in this, a level of time exists for consciousness such as ours to consider various events as being finite, with respect to each other.

What if thereís a problem that goes all the way back to where we suppressed infinities in attempting to unify relativity and quantum dynamics? This is way beyond me. I understand that we produced wonderful, useful tools in doing this, so we would not want to part with them. But maybe we shouldnít let that stand in the way of a re-examination that might open a new realm of understanding.

Infinity may be more real than we realize. It may be so real that itís right next to you, and even within you, as your source. You get a hint of this by considering the infinite divisibility of any distance. In terms of these divisions, any two points are infinitely far apart. We stretch our imagination of relative viewpoints to the point of no limit to see this. In terms of time, it may amount to the existence of neighboring points of reality as mutual histories through eternity. In producing all these points of time, infinity is producing eternities within each moment of conscious time. Reality is created by infinity... within the time of each moment of each atom, atomic process may be infinitely complex. A single cycle of atomic process may contain viewpoints that would span the same sorts of accomplishments as 30 billion years of big bang. The qualities of atoms that are identical may be so because they are all each other, at different times... eternities away from being each otherís relative function... so there can be a whole. A person is a parallel Universe interacting with other parallel people. Our interactions are infant workings of cosmic civilization; or they will be if we complete the fetal phase. Higher cosmic undertakings promote physical law, in the way that parallel atoms interact, perhaps by fully becoming those interactions... by getting completely involved with the Universe. All of the interactions logically comprise each of the atoms that do the interacting; because a given cycle is a specific eternity, arising from, and yielding, the others; in their turn, in their time. One atom, or balanced logic set, travels around in time. The ultimate brain is each atomic cycle. Can you think of any other system that knows better how to behave ó that does what it is supposed to? We might think of atoms, as well as higher animals, as comprising split-brain reality. The mechanics involved with even the fundamentals of this would be, no doubt, quite complex. I can only imagine a simple-overview idea of it. Perhaps you, or someone you know, would be interested in seeing how todayís science might fit into such a framework; or how the science and the framework might co-evolve into a useful model. Bang-ness is a polarity, and black hole distributions are the complementary polarity. The bang doesnít just happen out of nowhere; it is a phase of time opposite to black hole time. From our point of view, time and space both stop at a black hole. It takes a very long time, maybe forever, for all of our stuff to drain into the black holes. From the "other side" of reality, inside the holes, that process is a big bang, or a set of them. A lot of atoms are formed quickly, they do stuff for a long time, then they accumulate in "storage" in a distribution of black holes. We would see this from either side. From our position in time phase, the extremes are horizons. They are also points. Time exists everywhere as different points of itself ó different times of time. A complement to the complementary pair of bang and holes, is an anti-matter pair that closes the circuit between the horizons, the same way we do. One side might see a distribution of bangs that find a common drain. The whole of time, as a sum of these four phases, is always a single point. This point is an infinite clock rate, distributed as the inner-most source of relative physical law. A hint of non-relative physical law is present in reality as well; manifested for us as random factors of noise and uncertainty. All components are physical law relative to some reality. And, the factors of uncertainty complete our laws with the principles of probability. The fundamental source of our physical order is a variety of chaos that is other orderly realities, kindly lending us ours, just as we end up contributing to the inference of others. The point is composed of all photon relationships. Realities are generated within that point as infinitely complex phase relationships of the point to itself, generating infinite dimensionality as relative structures of time within time. Included in this relative timing are active brain structures that interpret part of the timing as space. Each cycle of each atom is a different phase angle of the same whole infinite dimensionality. The roles of bang and drain are shifted in relative dimensionality to the roles of charge within the atom. The view from some level of order within any atom is an apparent view of the whole expanding Universe. Reality happens because infinity is real. Infinite time is real, so these times of reality are created out of an infinite number of eternities. The eternities within each moment afford the interacting structure of time the inclusion of ongoing sensibilities that support developing consciousnesses. Eternity is required within each moment, to include the probabilistic order that is inter-developmental consciousness. Each moment of consciousness is generated by a series of parallel eternities that appear to that consciousness as a flow of time for a bunch of stuff, governed by physical laws. Each eternity that contributes to consciousness does so by being enough time to randomly come up with a contextually coherent contribution to physical law. These occurrences create our world and the awareness of it that comes to appreciate physical law. It takes this form of process because the huge number of such developments expanding in parallel and series in a big bang, are the creation of a future that contributes to the creation of its pasts. We contribute indirectly, and directly, to the creation of physical law... to the operation of the interacting atoms. You may consistently reach the ultimate evolutionary peak, within each atomic cycle of physical law definition.

You can probably do better. To explain the biological split-brain paradox, we need to show how different matter is different sources of time; where different positions of the same overall thing come into play with its various other positions. Different matter is different positions of time, relative to its various self. Reality is active mathematics, relative to active mathematics.


We could have sufficient groundwork laid here as a mental environment for a first overview of the general idea of the structure of dimensionality as reality, that is in ongoing development throughout this book.


Any process, be it directly involved in effort or not, is a "thing." It is as much a thing as any object is. The mathematical reality of the three dimensional aspect of any object, or object collection, is the interrelated timing delays and relative directionality of the component activities taking place within, and as, the object. The three dimensional aspect of a cardboard box is not separable from the other dimensions of process that contribute the box to reality. Itís all a bunch of timing. The timing is the rules of reality. The process itself is where the rules are written. When we speak of a purely mathematical three dimensional concept, we are actively speaking, or reading; as we actively think about that aspect. Everything that exists here is process in time, including the atoms of a closed book. The dimensions are factors of time. They are relative degrees or offsets of eternity. We refer to them in everyday terms, without realizing the relative functions-within-functions of the overall scheme. We use terms such as space (contextual repetition of particles); time (regular variations in space), energy (regular variations in time), meaning of energy patterns (repetitive variations in energy); memory (repetitive representation), repetitive association between the representations, associative interaction between the associating representations and the represented dimensionality; different conscious life spans, society (repetitive and associative memory as culture and progress), and the bang as a collection of all bangs. Society is an object, in that it is a physical dimension of reality. The society of the bang, to which we are a cute little "sprout," would be engaged in producing physical law as it merges with all of its components into full dimensionality. This would be mathematical, and it would be all fate of reality. The creation of this twelfth level may actually be the source of everything ó the point. Though we see time moving forward toward that climax, a truer "overview" would see that we were in tandem with an identical-but-inverse anti-bang, whoís internal view would be identical to ours; seeing its flow of time as a development that climaxes in the creation of the same twelfth level, as a point. The twelfth level itself ó a single point ó is not a viewpoint. It is not time or space, or relative meaning. Yet, the higher relative dimensions are the induction of awareness and the structure of its associations. The full scope of this eleventh level is probably beyond our ability to comprehend. If it involves something like feeling, we might guess that it feels infinitely perfect and ultimately desirable. It just isnít wrong... nothing about it is different from the way youíd have it be. It is the complete truth. In terms of the time spans involved in this - probably tens of billions of years - the geophysical scale of development of higher consciousness and immature society, subject to horrible negativities, is only an instant ó merely thousands or millions of years ó a factor of millionths or thousandths ó if split-brain reality takes hold within hundreds or thousands of years of our level of development, on the average consciousness-bearing planet.

Infinity isnít just a word; itís reality. It takes the form of atoms. It includes all possible relative arrangements of actions, composing all levels of dimensionality as process. The levels of dimensional process include all possible consciousness of relative meaning. Consciousness arises, and increases, with increasing order. All possible consciousness does not include all imaginable negative experience, because consciousness is inherently orderly, and develops with positive desires. Negative desires, sooner or later, are self-terminating, either as factors of influence, or as an entire planet-civilization.

It may be difficult for you to consider the split brain paradox, especially if youíre new to the idea. Iíve been struggling with it, off and on, for over twenty years. From where I am now, it seems to me that if you donít take the paradox seriously, you donít believe in yourself ó you hold consciousness as phenomena of lesser importance than the more predictable physical laws. Consciousness is making a big difference on the surface of Earth. Given exponential development of technology, on average, the effects of successful consciousness could be quite profound over tens of billions of years.


You can look around and realize that you are already sliced up; out of eternity, into everyone. We are all ongoing constructs of generic atoms of times.


The atoms are not insignificant little bits of almost nothing, with little value. Each one is incredibly valuable. They are not just extremely minor parts of things you want. They are each essential components of time of all the things you use, and all the things you have gotten, and all the things youíll get. They make you alive, and they give you opportunities to enjoy all of your lives. Each atomic cycle is a recollection. It is remembered by the Universe ó the right way, at the right time to continue the reality that includes your developing memory ó your current awareness. Our errors drive our development. In the absolute sense, no atom-moment is ever wrong. As much as we would like to change some things, they were real. They are real as components of overall reality. So is our displeasure and consequent behavior. The Universe of all time of all interacting times is your real, complete, body.

Each atom is a different source of time, contributing to the conduction of overall time, through an infinite number of eternities, back to a given cycle of atomic logic. The whole is contingent upon every cycle of each one. In leading back, the whole is the source of each cycle, logically within. The path to this viewpoint is rather simple. First you might recognize that reality is purely relative logic... mass is condensed time... what we regard as substance is faster process. As such, reality is active mathematics. It is fully dimensional mathematics. This includes mental process; which is also logical. Now look at the fundamental facts of mathematics, while holding infinity as complete truth. An infinite line is the case where our radius of curvature has become infinite, in an infinite circle. There is no difference! Any point on a line is infinitely far away from itself on an infinite circle. Now, expand this reasoning in dimensionality. The "biggest" volume is produced by infinite arcs that loop back through as an infinite number of point sources. Looking at the very big, and then at the very small, is like looking one way and then the other on a line. The reversal of your view is a reversal of phase. At the big end of the "line," infinite size is traded for a zero rate of time. At the other end, an infinite rate of time is traded for zero size. The tandem anti-world is inherent in the fundamental relationships of distance as anti-time, and time as anti-distance. These relationships are taking place within the atoms and particle balances. The dimensionally expanded infinite line becomes bi-directional cones, more like a tube; since any level within the scheme will see the same relative extremes of source and eventuality; and it will see them as reversed-phase views of the same thing, leading back to itself. Each cycle of each atom is the whole ó it has the whole within it, with which to "use" in carrying out its job to produce the whole. Yet, each cycle of each atom is different... a different "way" the Universe "went." Because reality is infinite mathematics, it is the variety of itself, relative to itself. It is different cycles of itself, relative to all of its cycles; always creating the whole. Each cycle is a different infinitely complex phase angle of the same overall object in infinite dimensions.

One way or another, each cycle is connected, more or less indirectly to the others. Each hydrogen atom is a system of time, doing an extremely similar thing as other ones do, in many ways. Just as two clocks may tell you the same time, and lead you to believe that time is all the same everywhere; they are really two clocks, of two sets of mechanics, each running independently to a great extent. When you move a clock, it slows down compared to others that are stationary with respect to each other. It has to do this because there is a fixed amount of time (the whole), and moving the clock constitutes the definition of some more time. Each clock is its own system of time, contributing information to a higher order system involving consciousnesses. The atoms are each a different system of time... a different "part" of time. So are the consciousnesses. Our pre-occupation with status and competition for possession of "the good stuff" tends to keep our minds well off of this track of tracks of times. Consciousness may do better to consider itself a special form of time, capable of comprehending a higher view of times. We might improve the value of competition and status by gradually adopting their more positive forms, and abandoning their more negative forms. This is where the discussion segues into sociological suggestions for improving the human condition by way of affecting our basic motivational inclinations. We take a little science and a lot of conjecture, and some wishful thinking, and build a vehicle that is heading in a positive direction, by way of having a feasible positive outlook. With time, some of the conjecture may develop into science. Some of us will protest that the vehicle should be made of pure science. Science is a marvelous set of tools. If we stick our head in the tool box, and shut the lid, we are using it as an elaborate, elegant hiding place. Science is beautiful, until it is put to abusive use, or used to arrogantly avoid considerations, such as animal awareness, and higher intelligence. There is more to life than science. We wonít "prove" reality with science alone. There are many good reasons why there are more subjects in our Universities than scientific ones... reality is all of these things, and more.


Everything has its place. The nice thing about philosophy is that it is a time when you can relax, and enjoy tossing the concepts around, and into each other. You donít worry so much about making a mistake now or then ó these moments sometimes yield a new perspective that develops into something useful. In the present work, we will be more free to enjoy various trains of logic, on their own, by avoiding references.


I suspect that we have consistently failed to recognize that awareness is a generic principle of physical law because we are so caught-up in social issues; such as accomplishments, ownership rights, and blame. Not that these arenít natural and essential to our development (though we may come to survive without oppressive forms of domination gratification); but they combine with our awe and wonder at the complexity and profoundness of our mental existence, to cause even most of our scientists to fall back, at least in the back of their mind, on some vague idea of "the soul" as a form of absolute individuality. We are individuals, with individual circumstances of capability and opportunity. Our awareness is a principle of time, like a complex order of magnetism. It is a principle of time, by time, for time ó for different times, that are all times... of you. Einstein, and others, have said that the hardest thing to understand is how we can understand anything at all. With things like World War I and II going on, itís not hard to understand why we would have this problem.

Our society is basically, generally, predominantly, pre-occupied with questions or options concerned with various modalities of status. We all want some degree of power over our extent of well-being. We are presented with choices from all angles, and we must deal with them. We do what we have to, or what we think will bring the greatest benefits. We present our case to whoever may get involved with our case. We are bombarded with commercials for products and politics. We all want things; things that increase our security, and things that are fun. Often times our fun involves recognition of our relative superiority, with respect to some level of social status. For all this, we spend much of our mental and physical energy arguing and fighting in various ways. Indeed, some of our highest paid and most respected professions focus on arguing, as an intricate art form. At the other end of our range of activities, we have the criminal behavior that thrives on its brand of risk-for-profit, relative to its peer group. In-between these extremes we all have to argue too. In various forms, itís taught in school. We compete for grades, then for jobs, then for advancements.


The more we do this, the more we each have to do this, to survive. It is conceivable that we could over-do this, to the point where our general security is placed in jeopardy.


It is possible that we will come to recognize that it is better for all of us to ease off on this, to some optimum degree. We might all come to understand the profound implications of split-brain reality. The dissemination of this understanding could be a powerful tool that society uses to mature. Reality is split-brain reality. To be conscious is to participate in split-brain reality. This is another reality to be more highly enjoyed. Here it would be easier to share information that we have found to produce advantages. Status is good as a tool for development of superior techniques. It is depressing to the expedition of general welfare as a tool for domination and oppression.

Much of the trouble we endure, and attempt to reduce with weapons and laws, might be better reduced if we try including the distribution of an awareness of the simple possibility that reality is split-brain reality. I donít know, absolutely, what-all is true. We act on the basis of what our experience trains us to expect. We act on probabilities, usually without thinking about any analysis of our behavior. You can know that things are possible. You can decide your course of actions, with more or less success, based on your accumulated feelings about various pertinent probabilities. It is definitely possible that reality is split-brain reality. Knowing this possibility may actually be more fun than if you flatly knew it was true ó at least at first. Later, recognition of this as the real substance of reality, could be a primary avenue of ecstasy.

If you think about this, and realize that it is possibly the truth, how will your motivation be affected? Your motivation arises from your memory. Your memory is constantly being updated by, and kept in line with, everyday common sense. Sometimes the consensus is dog-eat-dog competition, that could pull you off of this new basis for fundamental motivation. If you write yourself a short summarization, such as a little poster, this factor of motivation will stand a better chance of standing by more prominently, more often, and sticking more or less to a variety of other motivational factors within your priority set.


To use our vehicle, we will move back and forth between the philosophy and its sociological implications. A relatively small part of the time is spent in the latter arena, within this book. This is a philosophy book, and the philosophy develops the implications of social options. It is up to society to decide the course and substance of sociology. The philosophy points out the possibility of a really good reason for us to examine our intentions.



We are all consciousness generated by interacting atoms. Consciousness is the relative meaning, over time, of connected memory, whoís connections support active representation of a world-picture, and whoís actions augment those connections in context with their modifying action upon the world-picture. It is the creation of higher order time... higher order dimensionality of process. The relative meaning of the process is the experience of reality, by reality. The dimension of relative meaning is not possible without an underlying support structure of dimensionality.

The elements and molecules are multiple interrelationships of the fundamentally balanced components of hydrogen logic. The rule structure involved here is the one that reliably comes around every instant, among all possible rule structures. Our rules are viewed by the awareness they create, as relative meaning based in memory.

Time is only perceived in consciousness; therefore, all eternities evaporate in death. They hold no meaning for time of awareness, except in their construction of the awarenesses produced in lifetimes of actively self-relating connected memory. There is no order, or reward system, for what will be your "next" life. They all may as well be next. Your "next" life will know nothing of your current life. Though you only know things in life, making the eternities "between" lives go by instantly, they are, nevertheless, eternities... they completely isolate the internal meanings of one life from those of the others. Itís always your current life that is most important to you. Would it really make any difference if eternities could be shown to have a specific order, while all of the lifetimes that develop awareness are times of your being? What difference would it make to your specific current needs to know that you were "last" a dinosaur or a space creature? You can only work on making your current life more enjoyable. This effort is higher dimensionality of process... the drives in your life, creating social interaction.

If in some rare cases, a faint memory image is somehow transmitted through the environment, or through some series of genetic cycles, and is then received or facilitated in a child, a bit of memory may live on from one of your Yous to another. The next You, then, might retain some of this transmitted memory; but that You would usually go on to collect a wide range of new experiences, that would compose a greater part of that new immediate soul. This would still be a form of split brain reality.


Perhaps we learn to tranceive by mental resonance ó maybe you also gain group awarenesses. You are each such infinitely complex component of infinitely complex overall time... which is also you... that evolutionary peak of a great atomic cycle. It is feasible that complete, honest self-acceptance is prerequisite to the beginnings of this. Perhaps we learn to truly accept each other, as ourselves, allowing consciousness out from behind artificial facades. I imagine the successful atmosphere for this would be one of discovery, and not of leadership or hierarchy.

Such logical resonance might function to connect our surgically split brains; except for those moments of elaborate psychological testing. The diverging thoughts produced could be disturbances in the logical resonance. Such a function could not be tested with "nailed-down" electronic logic ó the resonance would be fully damped-out there. Logical resonance might "ride" on a random basis of activity. Such a basis will be considered in brain function as the stimulated source of thought patterns that maintain a dominance by relevant association; while the opportunity for variation into divergence or creativity is constantly being dredged up.


You are what you remember. This includes your current experience. Your currently forming memory is finding contexts that are allowing your understanding of associable elements ó letters ó words ó and combinations thereof... thereby producing part of your awareness, and your capacity to continue this endeavor.

Your immediate memory is the current state of your immediate soul. The memories of other beings are the other elements of your overall soul. Your soul is not independent of memory ó it is memory. It is all memory. It is all specific memory collections. It is their meanings onto themselves, over their times of process, defining those overall times in conscious dimensionality. Letís make nice memories.

Letís try to remember to make nice memories ó your memories make your decisions. They work together, from various associated pasts, with your present, to do the deciding you experience as your choices... your power of will... which is the formation of more memory.

Respect is an equality. It is a mutual recognition of rights, such as the right to maintain control of the fruits of your efforts, or to specify the nature of their transmission. You canít always force respect. Some of us thrive on the system, the way it is. Some of us donít want to learn most of the stuff thatís pushed on us. These Yous would learn much better the things we need for doing the relatively simple jobs we identify with. Having accomplished this, and having gained self-respect and a measure of self-reliance; some of us would then return to advance our education, and maybe our careers; not having accumulated a bunch of bad vibes about the system. Our motivation to expand our knowledge is made keen by life experiences that point out the need for that knowledge, without deflating the motivational self-image with senseless status mongering. The abuse of status will work to motivate destructive behavior.

Your personal organic system survives by being the right processes at the right places and times. Your heart pumps blood to your lungs, as well as to itself. Your lungs supply oxygen to your blood, needed by your heart and your lungs. The lung doesnít try to be a heart, and the heart doesnít try to make there only be heart things going on. The organs have become specialized in their functions, and they are very good at what they do ó but they are dead meat without each other.

Our competitive modes of behavior can make for great fun; with occasional exceptions. Sometimes fun is had where you send the other guy into some sort of a ditch. In this "other" split-brain reality, you remember, more or less, that you are the other guy, in his time. You would prefer that neither of you have to go into the ditch (usually, that is... itís different for football and the like). You can find yourself in ecstasy at times, and for reasons, that the fully-individualized reality would not find apparently understandable. You realize that everything is OK, and you donít really need anything more. Sure, youíre working; and youíre going to keep working, to maintain or promote your security and happiness. But you donít have to feel that drive to dominate, in order to excel to your fullest potential. We will all do better if we can become more absorbed in our work, without fear; rather than spend some of our energy undoing the work of "others." Evolution does not dictate that our dogs all have to eat each other. It has produced trends of civilization. With time, survival depends more on cooperation. You might succeed in getting that better car or bigger house that you know you want ó but you donít have to. In this more realistic reality you know that you might get what you want, and you know that you might not. The thing that gets you elated is a recognition that reality is a bigger picture where you will get everything, in eternity. Eternity could be real, and it may give you everything; sooner and later. It seems to be doing this by being atoms that are made to exist for very long times, to be things and yous. All of your yous get all of the things. "Then" eternity makes more atoms, and you get more things.

Of course, you canít always feel so great. The Universe may actually be perfect from its best points of view ó but it gets that way by virtue of working out a lot of trouble ó your occasional problems and bad lives. The philosophy might come to make it easier for you to cope with this fact of human life. It might even help to solve some problems. Understanding can be powerful ó it can really help to see other points of view, and recognize appropriate times for appropriate degrees of compromise. Of course, this wonít work either, if itís all stubbornly one-sided. Sometimes the atmosphere of understanding wonít be contagious. The weakness of the present philosophy is its high degree of absurdity, relative to established common sense. This, and various pre-dispositions, would create a resistance to its dissemination. In my very limited attempts to communicate these philosophical possibilities, Iím finding the primary obstacles to be fear, generated out of conclusion-jumping, and short-sighted selfishness. We need to devise simple, reasonable, brief terminology, if we want to attempt to cut through these distractions.


Chances are, itís a free country if youíre reading this... so you can prefer to consider a negative long-term view of reality, if that makes you feel better. How will negative long-term outlooks affect our behavior? This will contribute to conditions that favor those of us who thrive on negativity. The time for negativity is when indications surface to prompt corrections of past choices. We canít always make the best educated guesses for options that will yield long-term happiness, even when we werenít actually concerned with selfish short-term gains.

What effect will it have to simply avoid these issues altogether? Again, you are free to do so; and it might make you feel more free to do so. We all must attend to the various problems life is dealing us. This might be easier to do ó even fun at times ó if we occasionally remember the incredibly fantastic possibilities weíve recognized in the Universe.


Freedom is your degree of opportunity to act in accordance with your prioritized memory, in the ongoing action of expanding that memory, relative to the current and historical conditions of your environment. Freedom is real as experience for those who donít know everything. It is a happy aspect of overall fate, being constructed by infinitely complex physical law interrelationships.

Learning is work that can be a choice of freedom when it bridges readily to memory. All learning leads to expanded memory, and hence, to expanded capacity for freedom. All the while, everything you do, with or without thinking, is the behavior of interacting atoms. Whatever happens, whatever you decide to do, based on whatever experiences youíve had, conscious or unconscious, whatever tricks youíve picked up with which to finesse your way through whatever problems youíre dealt; that thing that happens ó that actually comes to pass ó is the thing that truly was going to happen, since the moment of the big bang, or any other bang. For us, freedom is real because it is absolutely impossible for our level of dimensionality to know exactly what is going to happen when. The ultimate source of all behavior is infinitely complex. On the way to creating that source, we develop those controls over our behavior that lead to the greatest possible benefits our circumstances will reveal to us. Political freedom is an advantage because it boosts our motivation. So long as our motivations are coordinated, we enjoy this advantage as harmoniously enhanced power. We feel more motivated because we can better identify our work as a more or less unique extension of our individuality. Freedom boosts our creativity. An environment of freedom is an environment of enhanced synthesis of ideas through trial associations. This yields a proportion of failures, as well as a number of advantageous methods, which often spawn further associations with a higher proportion of usefulness.


To be a bit more succinct, freedom is an individualís capability, and opportunity, to make choices with respect to the current offering of options presented by the environment, or thought train, relative to the current accumulation of associated, or associable, elements and modes of thought. The behavior of atoms produces degrees of relative freedom, as well as degrees of relative oppression. Oppression is the feeling that you have lost some freedom because environmental, or mental, factors are requiring that a specific choice, or type of choice, must be made while that choice entails undesirable experience. In other words, freedom is simply a frame of mind wherein you feel free to choose. It does not elevate you beyond physical law. Physical law is creating all reality, including your options and choices. Feeling is a fundamental aspect of the thought process. The feeling of power comes from recognition of opportunities, based on past experiences. The feeling of control comes from memory of past successes; associated or associable. All thinking is atomic process in time, often creating conscious time as the relative meaning of process that has, or had, options of choice. Related experiences combine to produce decision. This thought process is experienced as a relative degree of power, as it includes a developing track record of your survival over various difficulties, and enjoyment of various pleasures. Freedom is not freedom from having to follow your memory ó it is the degree of opportunity you have to follow your memory to where it wants to be subjected to further expansion, based on its experiences and perceived options.

We donít really have different souls; we are different times of knowing what our biological forms were able to assimilate. There is only one soul, and we all use it... the Universe. What we assimilate becomes a function of what weíve already assimilated. What we were presented with became our sense of self-drive. All times lead to all other times through an infinite series of parallel eternities. We are all eternities away from being each other.

We accumulate feelings, and then act directly, and indirectly, based on various elements of this memory, as they relate to our tasks, projects, procrastinations, and past decisions. Your feelings are the only things you really know. Everything else could be wonderfully false data, flowing through a fantastic computer. The simplest most obvious truths could actually be completely wrong. When youíre thinking that Sam just walked in and turned on the light, you may actually be a brain floating in a jar with a million-electrode-interface poked into it. You just canít know anything completely for sure ó except the way you feel. You know what you think; but you donít know, absolutely, if your thought is a true reflection of overall reality. It is a part of reality that is real onto itself. Chances seem to be good that it is really interacting with the greater interactions we refer to as the Universe. Chances are also good that your view of this is as extremely limited as our science indicates. Most of the interactions that compose reality take place without your immediate knowledge. Chances are better than good ó they are 100% ó that your thought means what it means to you, and feels the way it does.


If there is another heaven, besides this one that lets you know what you feel in thought through experience ó besides this one that remembers you from one instant to another ó besides this one that may remember you again and again and again, an infinite number of times, in an infinite number of eternities ó besides this one that remembers an infinite variety of yous in an infinite variety of contexts ó if there is another heaven that is even more ideal, by virtue of remembering your lifeís experiences onto some new effortless plane; then the premise of split brain reality is still intact as a possibility ó that heaven, too, would be filled with the variations of yourself produced on Earth, and all other consciousness-bearing planets. Such a place may exist, because it can be developed as a system that functions far beyond our technology. It may also be impossible without a source of such development as our technology; though it would not be reliant on any single planet, in view of how many there probably are. Unless you actually know about such a system because you are experiencing it, you cannot say with absolute certainty that it is a reality, anymore than you can be certain about split brain reality. This is not to say youíre lying to yourself if you have faith in anything ó on the contrary, we are all forced to put our faith in everything we decide, and rely on, all the time. It is to say that in order to be truly honest, we must preface our beliefs with the admission of our extent of actual knowledge.

If you tell yourself that you absolutely know something that you donít really know, you will impose discord upon your emotions at some level. This will affect your behavior, instilling some negative influences. When such beliefs are imposed upon the innocent, they will often produce behavior that is unacceptable to the imposers. It is less oppressive to your emotions to admit the lack of certainty as to your beliefs. This honesty brings a great feeling of freedom. You know what you think, and you know how it feels. Beyond this, everything is your best guess; and thatís OK because youíve had some success.

At times this book will set forth a string of ideas as though they are facts. This happens because it becomes necessary to simplify the structure of the idea relationships being presented, in order to transmit the intended meaning of a proposed possibility. Please keep in the back of your mind that itís all conjecture, not meant to be representing of Universal fact.


I think it is very likely that someday we will communicate with higher beings. This wonít happen because we finally figure out the necessary technology. It will happen when they feel that we are really ready for it, in the sense that it would be constructive and beneficial. We may find that there are many great differences between us. Among those, I suspect we will find a fundamental difference in our attitude about life, that comes from advancements into optimal security. While we spend a great majority of our time focusing on various forms of rivalry, they focus on something broader and all encompassing... an almost constant knowing of themselves as everything... and everyone. We are in a stage of development that is dependent on our modes of behavior; and so are they. Compared to us, though, they are adults. They have to be concerned with maintaining physical law, or some such grandiose version of "bringing home the bacon." They want us to be what we are, and they want to see what we will develop into; so they leave us be, for the most part. They want us to survive, but the whole idea is the possibility of creating some uniqueness... to see if that is possible here... to produce some more wonderful time of being... to produce some more heaven. A minimum of contact is in order, to prevent us from becoming just more of them.

Another more far-out reason for a hands-off approach could have to do with our optimization as a source of their time. In other words; they are from our future, within our common eternity. It seems more likely, in terms of split brain reality, that the optimization comes from an understanding of the multiplicity of self.

While it might be important (or redundant) for us to mature; to take the task upon yourself too seriously is to fall into the same old track of rivalry. Personally, I feel that the prospects for enjoyment seem more promising from a mildly suggestive approach, meant to instill a course of self-discovery, in a variety of ways, within, and between, a variety of individuals. Besides, thereís an awful lot of work to do... we have a long way to go. If you try to rush it, you are likely to only get depressed. Some individuals are going to remain quite stubbornly resistant to the considerations.

This book is about the joy and wonder of possibilities. The focus is meant to be toward the future that will exist as a product of the positive elements of the present. There are negative elements, but they act in a positive capacity to motivate our development. If they will overcome the positive elements, then the Earth will no longer carry us. In that case, this book is about the possibilities that remain available to you on other planets, when we take advantage of the opportunities inherent to physical law as a system. The thought is that consciousness is not a fluke, or even a prevalent superfluous byproduct of physical law. Consciousness is part-and-parcel to the development of physical law. This is a way of "explaining" it. You arrive at this consideration by overcoming rivalrous predispositions. You begin to realize that consciousness is generated, as though it were a magnetic field, as dimensional process. It is a real principle of reality. Different people are the same principle in action, at different place-times. Rivalry is just something we have to do.

Our society is more pre-occupied with negativity than it would be if it were generally awake to split brain reality. In that vein, we could consider forms of hell. It immediately becomes doubtful that the highly advanced power of the Universe collects life memory sets for the sake of "torturing" some of your yous, indefinitely. The reality of hell seems far more likely to take the form of young chaotic planets, like Earth. It is ground such as this from which the enjoyable forms of order develop. You perform the duty of working through all of the pain and suffering and tedium on all of the developing planets. There is an infinite amount of this; so hell is "eternal damnation." But it is good, because it is the source of heaven, even if heaven is really the advanced levels of planetary development.

To dwell on hell is to go there. To dwell on the reality of the joy that is possible here on Earth is to go to heaven. In order to know joy, you will know some unhappiness. If you find yourself becoming dominated by depression, you might try cutting down on things in your mental diet like the news. You might think you have to keep up with it, in order to be a responsible citizen; but we will all be better off if you are happy. We succeed where we haven't let the negatives get the best of us. We attend to them only as far as necessary in overcoming them. This would give you more time to feel good ó which is true richness.


I submit that the fantastic computer is not interfacing with you through a million electrodes. The channels are photon relationships; that include the construction of conscious orders of dimensionality. There is enough time for this to happen with reliably repetitive contexts for variation; that are the production of consciousness-generating brains. The fantastic computer is the Universe we sample, in our relatively shallow, superficial ways. The data isnít false... itís just very sparse. Even so, it can be very wonderful. You can be misled into happiness or sadness ó but youíre never wrong about what you feel ó that is absolutely real. All of your feelings could turn out to be the basic building blocks of reality... the fundamental source of development. They are the motor of motivation. Perhaps they create the highest civilizations, and logically infer the basis of much longer-term, similar cycles. They are neural associations of the given survival status of your biological system with cultural experiences. These associations have been built into your memory over time, in ways subject to genetically generated facilitations. Chemical keys are widely, or specifically, distributed in the neural system; as aroused by the effects of environmental stimuli upon the various status indices of your survival parameters. Once made, these associations stand to arouse similar survival stances, by generating similar chemical environments for the neurons, under similar cultural conditions. Your system can become sensitized in a number of ways ó and in a greater number of combinational modes. As complicated as this looks, it is simple compared to the goings-on of the Universe. You would have to know about all of this in order to perfectly predict the future, while maintaining relevant choices. The Universe doesnít have to predict ó it is all of this. It is all of the things we do, as per our inter-engendered anticipations. It always does exactly the right thing, in all detail, to fulfill its permanent identity. It is all time.



[Note; regarding the use of the phrase "infinite number" throughout this book: infinity is not a number.
Infinity is the endless source of numbers.]