All of the pain is yours. All of the hatred is yours. All of the love and kindness, that might save this world, is yours.
















I find myself in the position of having spent a great deal of time trying to piece together some odd thoughts and some conventional basic knowledge. One of the conclusions I’ve come to repeatedly over the years, is that we can occasionally recognize that our own tiny personal little world should not necessarily believe that it owns credit for any particular accomplishment, with respect to originality. If this book is right, the Universe wrote it. We would conclude that it has written, and will write, an endless supply of versions of it, within itself; by beings who all think they’re you.


Though the beepers and this book are not a direct product of a corporation or institution of learning, they are a product of indirect influences, primarily through books, from many people who have lived in those circles. The bibliography is not a complete listing of those influences, over the past 25 years — it is a list of those sources which I feel have played a more significant role in shaping this philosophy. In particular, I would like to thank Donald Hebb, Richard Feynman, Patricia Churchland, Albert Einstein, and Mr. Stakkestad — the best math teacher in the Universe.
















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Significant Psychological Influences

Some of these influences have played a larger role in shaping this philosophy, than did many of the books listed.

My Children.

My Cat and Dog.

My Wife, Family and Friends.

My Teachers, and Society in general.

The Beatles, and a great deal of other Art.

Me... introspection of thought and behavior.

My best friend, the Universe; and my desire to better understand it. It built me, it will disassemble me; and, in the interim, it taught me everything I think, including why.



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