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x / y = z
for any real # x,
as y ® 0,  z ® ¥
therefore, if y = 0, z = ¥
x / 0 = ¥
x = ¥ · 0

the sense of this is dependent upon its application.
it does not apply to apples on Earth —
we can encounter zero apples,
but not infinite apples.

the sense of it is in its’ satisfying the dilemma
of infinite divisions within a finite space...
but you will only be satisfied when you realize
that reality is mathematics relative to itself;
creating, defining, and anticipating time.

it does apply to apples (or anything)
in the whole Universe:
¥ is the unavoidable source of
everything from nothing.
everything real that transpires,
from rocks to imaginings,
comes from, and goes to,
the mathematical point...
bang — black holes —
¥ times.


really big #s

exponential leveraging function

exfunctory:    x!

two exfunctory is 2 =  2^2 = 4

3^3^3   = 273 = 19683

4^4^4^4 = 3.438

5! = over range on my calculator

so, (a million)! is a very very large #...
but it is ~ 0 compared to ¥

hyper-exfunctory:    xh!

x^!^! = xh!

2h! = (22)! = 3.438

3h! = (19683)!

(a trillion)h! is a very large # indeed...
but it is still ~ 0 compared to ¥


super-hyper-exfunctory:    xsh!

we recognize a pattern in the function
and leverage it one more time.

in going from x^! to x^h!
we used x^! to create a large # for x
in an x^! function.

in going from x^h! to x^sh!
we say that this substitutive process itself
is the thing that gets repeated
by the very large number of times
created by the prior level of leveraging

2sh! = (3.4^38)^!^!^!... 3.4^38 times

(a googolplex)sh!   is still about 0 compared to ¥


super-hyper-exfunctory terror:    xsh!t

this exercise demonstrates how some mathematics
is fated to become verbal. if we deal with the question
of really big #s, we sooner or later resign the exercise
to words.

at this point we say that xsh!t is the # that you get
if you allot all of your resources to the effort
of devising further compunctory leverages
upon the exponentiation scheme.
mind you, other levels could be spelled out beyond xsh!,
but xsh!t is the highest level we could have reached if we had
spent all possible Earth time on this endeavor.

xsh!t is still ~ 0 compared to ¥


now, this might be a bit more difficult to grasp,
in context to everyday life —

10-10 is a small #
but it is ~ ¥ compared to 0.

10-((a googolplex)^sh!) is extremely small,
but it is ~ ¥ compared to 0.

x-sh!t is still ~ ¥ compared to 0.

if all you got was one apple,
you were essentially infinitely better off
than if you got nothing.

though we here may never see this with anything other
than mathematics, the atoms may be made of
at least 1080 very much smaller, very much faster
atoms ...  with those each made of 1080 yet smaller
and faster atoms ... endlessly ... never being 0 ... always
being generated out of zero as bangs.
while "our" atoms (or parts therein) bang and re-bang
billions of times per second, the atoms they are made of
are re-banging maybe 1029 times per second, and the ones
those are made of re-bang 1048 times per second, and so on
(assuming our "big bang" has a cycle rate ~ 300 billion years).

this too makes more sense if you see reality as the
relationship of mathematics with itself. the atoms are
mathematical sets within mathematical sets, always
recreating themselves as slight variants that
fulfill the overall set. the overall set time-travels
to be each instance of each set, creating the
identical properties we observe in matter...
each set evolves to be the overall set.
the lowest and highest times of being
are constantly recreated out of nothing,
because that's what math looks like!

self-relative math is the dimensionality of math
as factors of time compounding from basic
physical principles into conscious decision.
parallel conscious branches of time are composed of
different instances of You, having integral self-meaning
relative to themselves, in the linear time they define,
but rarely, if ever, across those lines as "telepathy,"
for us here, so far, on Earth. note that meanwhile,
this system delivers the ultimate justice — you literally
do onto yourself what you think you are doing onto others.

it took an eternity for You to be born,
every time You became aware in eternity.
it's all behind You, and it's all ahead of You,
in the memory of the Universe...
mathematical physical law.

when our notion of substance, independent of
individual awareness, is replaced with moving reality
composed of constantly re-evolving being,
then we see the point as everything,
even though it has no dimensions, as ¥ · 0 creates all x,
and the Universe is all times of You, less and more adept.

like the point, ¥ would just be an idea — a concept — if
conscious mathematics were not the substance of reality.
as such, ¥ creates reality from 0.

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