Research disclosure: regarding brain function, the split brain paradox, consciousness, the dimensionality of conscious reality, and a real-time neural net system developed for a small computer.

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Memscan Development Jig 0.1  rev 289
 ... the beginnings of an artificial brain, for the 2004 PC

System Requirements...

~  Original Windows XP is required, with no service packs
  uses DirectSound, requireing original Microsoft .net framework 1.0
(available from the Windows Update web site)

~  Pentium4, 2.4GHz or equivalent
  slower systems may work ~ OK, but the faster the better
>= 800MHz FSB recommended... the faster the better...
  memory speed is the primary limiting factor for performance
256 MByte RAM, 1 GByte recommended for multitasking
Windows XP pro, XP home, 2000
  XP & hyperthreading preferred for non-dedicated systems, for multitasking
At least 10 GByte Hard Disk Space
  the more the better, for recording behavior
CD burner, for backing off records
1280 X 1024 screen resolution, or more
Audigy 2 ZS or equivalent, recommended for low latency
  some generic sound cards will perform OK, usually with deeper echo

self-extracting zip download 21.6MB 
  ...allow a few minutes for extraction when unzipping this folder


            YOU some possible mechanics of our soul

     This book may explain consciousness, as well as a few other fundamental
issues. The topics are examined with reference to physics and biology;
within a reality considered to be mathematics that is times. The discussions
are fairly well limited to plain English; though the train of thought
involves a fresh look at relativity, brain function, and system language. It
breaks out of the philosophical mode to include a computer model
intelligence system for the old Commodore 128, that might really get you
into your PC.

self-extracting zipped pdf download 2.7MB 


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